Central Authentication Service

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Before you call us, please try to recover your password.
In 90 percent of cases, it helps with all kinds of problems.

For security reasons, please Log Out and Exit your web browser when you are done accessing services that require authentication!



Central Authentication Service

About this pageshow/hide

CAS - Central Authentication Service - allows you to access internet services and IT systems of UKSW that require user authentication - using single account stored in USOS (university management system).

While accessing one of our compatible services, you will get redirected to CAS login website:


and after singing in, you will get access at once to all internet services compatible with CAS.

CAS makes your life easier and strengthens your security:

  • by providing you with a single, familiar interface
  • by not requiring you to set up separate accounts in all different services and to remember different passwords - one CAS account allows you to access all compatible internet services, as well as to other services available in the UKSW network and on university premises

Security basics in CASshow/hide

While using Central Authentication System, you must never forget, that:

  • the CAS website should always look the same, any change in the website usual appearance should be a cause of strengthened alert and caution
  • website address must always begin with https://login.uksw.edu.pl
  • website connection must be encrypted, as evidenced by https:// prefix in website address
  • website connection must always be secure, as evidenced by a padlock icon in address bar - always pay attention on that icon, if the website security is endangered, your internet browser will use the address bar and the padlock to warn you (ie. by displaying crossed-over or red padlock)

If you see your logon form displayed on a website that does not conform to above rules, it may be a sign that someone did set up a rouge service

What is my username?show/hide

Your username can take different forms depending on the way of your first encounter with UKSW.

Username is granted once and forever - it does not change according to student/employee status.

user groupusername formexample
username descriptionlogin
employeesfirst part of e-mail address
(with some exceptions)
studentsalbum numberalbum_no12345
doctoral studentsalbum number with prefixD-album_noD-12345
attendees of...
postgraduate studiesalbum number with prefixP-album_noP-12345
Open University (UO) coursesOU-OU-12345
other coursesKRS-KRS-12345
MOST, Socrates programsS-S-12345
  • for Employees first part of e-mail address (with some exceptions) ex. j.smith
  • for Students album number ex. album_no
  • for Doctoral Students album number with prefix ex. D- ex. D-12345
  • for attendees of postgraduate studies album number with prefix P- ex. P-12345
  • for attendees of Open University (UO) courses album number with prefix KRS- ex. KRS-12345
  • for attendees of other courses album number with prefix UO- ex. UO-12345
  • for attendees of MOST, Socrates programs album number with prefix S- ex. S-12345

I forgot my password!show/hide

You may recover your forgotten password on your own, using this website:


Recovering password via e-mail:

  • Your USOS account should have your e-mail address stored
  • If that address is indeed stored, system will send you and e-mail with simple instructions and a link to restore your password. After receiving your e-mail:
    • make sure it was sent from cas@uksw.edu.pl address
    • click on the link in the e-mail message
    • make sure, that the website address you opened does begin with https://login.uksw.edu.pl/...
    • set your new password
Nowadays, password theft attempts through email phishing is widespread. This is why we

I cannot sign onshow/hide

  • Please make sure you use correct username and password.
  • Make sure the CapsLock on your keyboard is turned off.
  • Both username and password are case-sensitive.
  • If, after all checks, system still claims your password is incorrect, first of all please first try to recover your password. It is sincerely the cause of 90% of the all calls we receive.
  • Errors and problems do happen from time to time. Please carefully read the message displayed on the screen and follow the displayed instructions.
  • When contacting tech support, you must always be able to cite the error message. Otherwise, UKSW employees will not have the information necessary to provide you with successful support.

My account is lockedshow/hide

The CAS accounts are never deleted, but the ability to use them depends on their validity - which equals to your current status as a student or employee. The time range of account validity is defined as described below:

  • For students, attendees etc.:
    • activated from the date of entry into the USOS
    • expires on the last day ending the current studies program (ext. by grace period), please note that for students it is always the ending day of the last unsettled academic year
  • For academic employees:
    • activates on the day the contract begins
    • expires on the last day of the contract (ext. by grace period)
  • For other employees:
    • activates on the day the contract begins
    • expires on the last day of the contract (instantly)

Please address all problems regarding account validity:

  • Students,

How can I change password?show/hide

Other technical issuesshow/hide

While administering the CAS system, we have tried to predict possible problems and failures that can fall upon you. Unfortunately, world is unpredictable and computers, from time to time, tend to be mischievous :)

Sometimes then you may find yourself in a situation we did not predict.

Were such thing to happen, we kindly ask you for your assistance in finding the solution. We ask you to describe your situation precisely, telling us about the possible steps that have lead you to the problematic situation.

It is utterly important to record and supply us with the content of error messages, that appear on the screen. To store the error message, you may write it down, take a photo with mobile phone or capture the screen image (using PrintScreen button).

While mailing us about the error, please remember to identify yourself, i.e. write your Name, Surname as well as your faculty, course or organization unit